Month: January 2014


This week, our menu included making marble runs, using Pixlr (an online tool for photo editing), sewing, and writing a choose-your-own-adventure story. Perhaps the most exciting event that happened, though, was the arrival of the 3D printer!


To print something on the 3D printer, a student needs to design it in 3D modeling software like SketchUp or Tinkercad. Files that are ready to print can also be downloaded from Thingiverse, like the robots above. When the file is ready, we connect the printer to a computer and run makerware, which allows us to tell the printer what size, where, and in what direction the thing will print.

We’ve had a couple classes with 3D modeling so far, but SketchUp has been frustrating for quite a few students. Now that we understand how we can use SketchUp for printing objects, it might be easier to understand.

PictureKevin worked with SketchUp last week to 3D model the logo for his basketball club. This week he got to print it!

So that everyone could get a chance to 3D print something, each student got to choose to print either a wrench charm or a pair of scissors charm. We were fascinated watching the printer and very excited about what we can make in future classes. Even teachers and parents came in to watch and get excited. We also learned that the 3D printer takes a long time to make things, and only half of the class got to print their charms. Next week we’ll finish printing those and start learning how to make new designs.

UMSI Monthly Profiles MM Mentor

MSI profile: Alexandra Quay | UMSI Monthly via kwout

Hey, YCS Michigan Makers! Guess who got profiled in UMSI Monthly? It’s former  YCS MM mentor Alex Quay! Go check out her spectacular profile on UMSI Monthly! Click the interactive photo above to take you there! 
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