Our first day at Willow Run was definitely a fun one! We started out Michigan Makers with an icebreaker so we could all get to know everyone’s name. We formed a giant circle and tossed around a cute crotched animal while calling out the person’s name you we’re about to throw it to.

Our agenda for the first week was introducing Snap Circuits, Squishy Circuits, crochet, and game design. Everyone was excited to try out the new activities, and crocheting drew quite a large crowd. At the end of our session many of the crocheters had completed or were well on their way to completing an awesome zipper pull. Our game designers brainstormed so they could begin building their prototypes next session, and the Snap & Squishy Circuits groups got through a lot of cool projects. At the end of our first session we wrote in our journals about what we like to make, what we don’t like to make, and most importantly what we want to know how to   make. Everyone was looking forward to what they were going to create next week!