Wow – we have been really busy for our first two weeks of Michigan Makers at Mitchell! We have 25 students and a U-M team of four people, plus Mrs. T, Noah, and Mrs. C!

The first two weeks, we picked from these four activities:

  1. Snap Circuits
  2. Squishy Circuits
  3. Friendship Bracelets
  4. Origami

So we have been thinking about electrical circuits as well as many kinds of engineering: thread engineering, paper engineering, and clay engineering!

Check out the Mitchell sets on our Flickr page (and check out what the makers at the other Michigan Makers site are working on!).

We sometimes hear our makers say that something is “stupid,” but we’re learning that this really means, “I really want to figure this out, but I’m stuck and need help.”

We voted last week that we definitely wanted to keep working on Snap Circuits and origami. It was a toss-up whether we should keep friendship bracelets or Squishy Circuits going … so the mentors are deciding plus picking a new activity for November 4. What’s next? It’s a surprise …

– Kristin